What we’ve been up to…

Colton went to day camp this past week. It was hard to get any information out of him each day except what he ate for snacks. Friday he came home with this button. I’m not sure I want to know why he won this award! It was a nature camp, I figured he would enjoy his first camp experience doing something he was familiar with – hiking through the woods and playing in a creek.

I took home a first place award from the Illinois Press Association Friday.

We got a 10’x30″ pool for the kids. It holds about 26″ of water so Piper can walk around in it comfortably. No more mosquito breeding grounds, pain-in-the-butt baby pools, this one has chlorine and a pump. While it’s not super big, it should do the job for a couple of years until we can upgrade to something bigger. And it’s big enough for Chris and I to sit in and dunk our heads underwater to cool off.

Filling it up was a bit of an adventure because we didn’t realize the well pump was cycling and siphoning water back out. So when we didn’t get it all filled the first day, Chris made a homemade floater out of a water bottle to dispense chlorine.

We had some problems with the pump leaking when it wasn’t in use, which meant the cord was sitting in a pool of water, something I was not a fan of! But we discovered if we elevated the pump when we weren’t using it that everything stayed dry.

I’ve been putting a lot of cherries this week. I have two dwarf sour cherry trees and those cherries are absolutely awful to put because they are too small to go through a regular pitter. I was cutting a slit in them and putting them by hand, but that was so time consuming. I searched for tips on the internet, and found someone that said use a piping tip. That does make it go faster, but it’s still not as fast as a process as I would like. Wilton piping tip #18 seems to work the best.

I included the piping tip for a size comparison. These cherries do have a really good taste, otherwise I thing I would have yanked them out years ago.

My blueberries are starting to turn so it’s a race to pick them before the birds discover them.

So that’s been our week! Hope everyone is enjoying their summer.

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