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Landscaping with natives

Our front yard landscaping is awful. “Landscaping” is probably too generous of a word, actually. We hardly ever go in the front yard, which accounts for about 99% of the reason for the neglect. I’ve attempted a few things over the years. I had a good stand of day lilies going but they got dug up when we put the addition on. I’ve put in more bulbs since but I just haven’t had the luck with them. They come up for one or two years and that’s it. I planted four knockout roses that I got super cheap at the end of a season about three years back. They may be dead now. I can’t really tell.

I bought about 20 native perennials about a month ago now at a local CSA plant sale, and I’m getting really under the gun to get them in the ground. I had planned to put them all in the garden, but building a raised bed for that many plants is more time and labor than I have available. I did build a small raised bed last week in the garden and was able to get 5 plants in. I was pleased with how it turned out, but I knew I still had a lot of plants to get in the ground. In addition to the 22 plants I bought, I also have about 25 more purple coneflower plants in the greenhouse that I started from seed.

So back to the front yard. I figured the best and fastest solution would be to dig up the weeds in the front yard and replace them with the perennials. This should give them adequate room to reproduce and spread. In fact, when I was reading up about bee balm, one website said it was such an aggressive reproducer that it was borderline invasive. Perfect. I need low maintenance landscaping.

The small section on the very right has been cleared of weeds and plants are going in. The rest of it, well, I said it was awful. The front of the house faces south, so my new plants should get plenty of sunlight. I’m going to heavily mulch when I’m finished. Now I just need remember to water this summer in the front. But hopefully this will be an improvement to the front of the house!

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