Oh, Christmas lights

When Piper went down for a nap Thursday I thought Colton and I would get started on putting up Christmas lights. I brought all the lights up from downstairs and was excited to get started on this. I haven’t put up a lot of lights since the kids were born, and this was going to be the year I got more up.

I started on the west side, around the windows in our master bedroom. I knew I was going to need clips, and had picked some up at Walmart. I went to put the first clip on the window, and too long. Sigh. I dug through the box and found some adhesive clips, and even though I was skeptical of them holding up to outdoors, I started using them anyway. I got one strand of lights up when it dawned on me that I forgot to check the lights to make sure they worked. Plug them into the outlet. Nothing. Turns out the outlet is dead. Sigh again.

So after checking to make sure all the other outlets worked, (they did), we moved to the front yard. First set of lights were dead. So were the second and third sets. I was beginning to wonder if this was meant to be. Finally, I just started opening new boxes that I scored for 50 cents a box last year on clearance. After an hour, I had succeeded in putting three strands of lights on a tree. Worried that Piper would wake up soon, we packed it up for the day and went inside.

I texted Chris about the outlet and he said he would pick up a new one from Lowe’s on the way home. Since he was stopping there, I browsed their website for some clips that I thought would work better, and texted him a link to that.

Friday when I came home from work I saw that the lights had started falling from around the windows, but it was dark and I really didn’t want to mess with it.

Saturday morning I woke up to gusty winds slamming the lights into the windows. I was going to have to deal with it whether I wanted to or not. When the rain let up in the afternoon, I finally braved it enough to go out. It was 41 degrees, but gusting 30-50 mph. I opened my new box of clips and put them in the stepladder, where the wind promptly blew them off, and I had to pick up 99 clips off the cold, wet grass.

We were supposed to head to mom and dads for Thanksgiving also on Saturday, but mom fell and broke her wrist pat the end of the week, that was out.

I woke up this morning and all of my lights were still up with the new clips, and Chris got the outlet changed out, so I think it’s finally safe to tackle the rest of the house.

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