Canning fail

I’ve been saving the majority of my canning for when the weather got cool. I think it’s finally here. In fact, my phone did briefly show snow in the forecast for Saturday!

My canning pantry is getting low. I was downstairs this morning taking stock, only 4 pints of jam, 3 pints of salsa, 5 pints of pasta sauce and several pints of tomato juice are left.

I had planned to can strawberry jam today. Now I’ve only been canning jam for a couple of years, but everything has always gone well. Not today. I burnt the batch. Ten years canning and, I’ve never burnt a batch of anything. Face palm.

I think I put the sugar in too fast and it started to stick and burn before it dissolved. It’s edible, but it certainly won’t be going out for Christmas presents like I had planned for some of it. Earlier this year when I was pickling peppers I forgot to screw on a band. Another face palm. 

I’ve got mixed berry jam and salsa to do yet, so I don’t know if I’ll have time to try another batch of strawberry before I go into Christmas candy making mode. Live and learn, I guess, I probably won’t make this mistake again!

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