Fall salad greens

I planted some fall salad greens at the end of August, but they haven’t fared well with the unseasonably warm fall, which is starting to be the norm now. 

My poor spinach. And of course there is no where in town to find spinach seeds this late in the year, and most seed companies want to charge around $10 just for shipping a single pack of seeds. So next spring I will just have to remember to stock up on seeds. 

I did start this batch of greens about three weeks ago, and they’ve been slow coming up because of the lack of rain. This week we’ve finally had three days of mist and light soaking rain, so the greens are finally taking off. We’re supposed to have a cold from roll through in about four days so maybe the cool weather will finally stick. 

I am excited to hopefully get down to the creek bottoms and see if I can find some edible wild mushrooms since we’ve had the rain!

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