Foraging for fungi

Chris and I attended a workshop this morning on wild mushrooms.  I had been wanting to go for the past couple of years, but one year I was pregnant with Piper and didn’t think it would be a good idea, and last year it was the day before we hosted sawmill days on the property.  But it all worked out for this year.

It was held at The Nature Institute in Godfrey, and after years of wanting to visit there and check the place out, we finally did. The general outline of the workshop would be that we would watch a presentation, go for a hike to look for mushrooms, and also eat recipes made with wild mushrooms.

They started out serving us the wild mushroom dishes.  We had Wild rice and cremini soup, Chanterelle dip, Mushroom risotto with Chicken of the Woods, Oyster mushroom frittata and sauteed puffballs.

IMG_2238 copy

The chanterelle dip was my definite favorite. Sauteed puffballs tasted like regular white button mushrooms.

We watched the presentation which was a power point of different mushrooms and how to tell them apart from their poisonous look-a-likes, if they had look-a-likes.  We did go for a hike but by the time we had to leave, we hadn’t found any mushrooms.  It’s been so dry, but the instructor encouraged everyone to go out looking after we get a good soaking rain.

I’m not sure yet I’m brave enough to go looking just on what I remember from the course, but they recommended two guide books which Chris wrote down that we’ll probably purchase.  It was disappointing not to be able to find any on the hike, because I could commit it to memory better seeing it in real life, but what can you do when it hasn’t rained?

So maybe after we get a good soaking rain Chris and I will go out and look and see what we can find!  It will be exciting to see what pops up.



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