Weekend fun

Saturday we headed out to Olden Days in Dow. We haven’t gone for a few years since we’ve had kids, because usually the weather is hot and miserable. But temps in the low 80s made a pleasant day. 

Lloyd was giving the blacksmith demo out there and Chris helped in the morning before meeting the kids and I after lunch. 

A couple of Celtic crosses Chris made.

The kids enjoyed Agri-land while I browsed the antique vendors. 

It was probably a good thing I only had $16 cash on me. 

I did good and only spent $5 on this box which I’ll use to display some of my vintage blue Mason jars. 

After Olden Days Colton and I headed to Alton to pick up supper at the Sauce Food Truck Festival. I had planned to get there right when it opened at 4,and to hit several food trucks and bring home supper. However, when we got there, lines were already long, nothing ridiculous, but since I had a four year old who already had a long day with me, I only ended up getting gyros from Go Goryo Go and cupcakes from Sweet Divine Bakery before we left. I could tell anymore lines was going to be pushing it. 

Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of all the cupcakes. They went pretty fast at home. 

Hope everyone else had a great weekend!

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