Like most of America, we viewed the solar eclipse Monday. Originally, I had planned to drive to mom and dads because they were in 100% totality. But since our totality percentage was 99.4, I decided that two hours on the interstate and traffic wasn’t worth it. I regret my decision. 

It started out sunny, but as totality got closer and closer, so did storm clouds. Piper went down for a nap about 15 minutes before totality, so Chris, Colton and I all got to be outside together. 

Colton was so excited.

At the time of totality, clouds had socked in and we had some apocolyptic mood thunder. 

This was our view at totality.

It didn’t get as dark as I thought, only dark like just before a severe storm. 

It’s amazing when you think about it, how much light .6% of the sun gives off. My sister Suzanne posted some amazing shots of totality, since she was nearly in dead center of the totality path.  After looking at her pictures, I definitely regretted not going!  But since the 2024 totality path isn’t too far from us, a couple hours drive again, I think we’re going to hit the road for that!

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