What’s eating my tomatoes?

Something is eating my tomatoes.  Other folks have said squirrels are getting theirs, but I haven’t seen any squirrels around the garden. I’m blaming rabbits. In the past I’ve lost a few tomatoes every year, but this year it’s been half to two-thirds of the crop destroyed. I think we’ll be having rabbit stew this winter!

Here’s my little tomato helper when I do have some to pick.  

I planted spinach, mixed greens,  baby carrots and broccoli this week. At 85 days, the broccoli might be pushing it, but if we have a late frost it might make it. 

One thought on “What’s eating my tomatoes?

  1. I lose tomatoes, beans, greens and more to meadow voles. They’re eating more bush beans than tomatoes right now but when the beans are gone in a week or so they’ll move to the tomatoes.


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