Straight line wind damage

Sunday morning around around 3 a.m., Chris and I woke up to winds shaking the house. Violent winds. We turned on the local news (no coverage) and then checked the radar on our iPads and saw a mean line of storms bearing down on us.

The storms quieted down after about an hour, and amazingly, the kids slept through the entire thing. If they had been up, I believe we might have actually taken refuge downstairs. I saw where the wind gusts were 60-80 mph. 

We were lucky that hour power was only off an hour or so, neighbors on the next road over, which is only over the hill, were out for about 36 hours. We’ve found three downed trees so far, and we haven’t even looked really hard. Our road was blocked both directions with downed trees, and up and down our road it looks like a bomb went off. 

Lloyd and Phyllis ended up with several missing shingles, and a lot of the kids pool stuff was blown into their yard. 

We’ve had several trees fall this year. Big trees, like I can’t even wrap my arms around them big. The upside is we have plenty of trees to cut for firewood, the downside is most of the have fallen in some precarious positions on steep hillsides. 

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