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Good day Sunshine

After a soggy week of rain, it’s good to see the sunshine again.  I didn’t put out the rain gauge, but I think the total from Friday to Thursday of last week was nearly seven inches. Last week Monday Colton and I walked around the woods to see if there was any major damage, we found a small tree blown over in the creek but that was about it.

I have some major water logged spinach, the container I’m growing it in didn’t have any drain holes, with seven inches of rain, I’m not sure that would have main a difference anyway.

My potatoes are looking good, I put some soil on them today to mound them up, and my lettuce mix fared fairly well, it’s in an old water tank so the water had more room to soak up. Colton and I had planted some Purple Haze carrots about a week before the rain started in another old water tank, and I’m not sure now if they will germinate or not, the soil appears to have settled about four inches.

My strawberry bed got infested by stinkhorn fungus, which is not harmful but just generally disgusting and smelly. So this spring I dug up most of the soil and the strawberry plants, which I hated to do, and tossed them so I could start new.  One or two plants managed to avoid being tossed somehow, so it was a pleasant surprise to see this little guy this morning.

The kids both had well child appointments today, Colton is 3’6″ and 39 pounds, Piper was 25 pounds and I couldn’t hear the height over all her screaming.  Poor girl is terrified of the doctors office.

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