Colton will be 4!


Colton will turn 4 on Wednesday. We had Lloyd and Phyllis over last night for cake and ice cream, since we couldn’t get things to line up to have both sides of the family over at the same time.  Mom and dad will be over in a couple of weeks to celebrate.

Friday should be the day our chicks hatch.  I dug out my heat lamp, feeder and waterer today in anticipation.  Lloyd said he would be surprised if any of them hatched, but I’m confident that at least some will hatch.  Since the hen decided to nest in a milk crate, we are going to have to take the chicks away from her when they hatch so they have access to food and water.  I hate doing that, but there’s no better solution.

I’m picking salad greens about every three days now.  The nice thing is, I’m definitely eating more salads at lunch time!    I planted some purple carrots yesterday, those are something new, and I’m wondering how they are actually going to taste.

Chris and I attempted to mushroom hunt yesterday but we had both kids, so that didn’t go well.  I’m be excited when Piper gets past the stage of trying to eat everything. If she wasn’t shoving something in her mouth, then she was tripping and falling into thorns.  It was a short-lived trip.


Woodland Phlox, my favorite wildflower!

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