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Spring has sprung

Spring has finally sprung for good, I think. I’ve finally been washing and putting away the kids’ winter coats and snowsuits in the hopes that we will not need them again.

nesting hen.jpg

We have a chicken on the farm that wants to nest, but we don’t have a rooster.  So Chris’s uncle Jack brought us up five or six fertilized eggs from his house, and stuck them under the chicken. We should find out in about 10 days if they hatch or not.   The hen is currently nesting in an old milk crate in the sawmill shed, so if the eggs hatch, we’re going to have to move her to a safer place.  I have an old small hog house in the chicken pen that I’ve used before to transition chicks, but I haven’t used it in a few years, so I need to get out there this weekend and check out what kind of shape it is in.

I’ve transplanted all my plugs out of the plug trays in the greenhouse into small pots.  I’m trying not to get too carried away in the garden this year.  Last year was the most productive garden I had since the kids were born.

I’ve been picking spinach and mixed greens this week.  My blue potatoes that I planted are starting to come up, and I’m hoping to get the raised bed ready for carrots and get them planted this weekend.

Chris and I went mushroom hunting again and found another handful of morels that made a meal. My impaled hand is healing nicely after my mushroom hunting adventures last week.


Colton had a blast dyeing Easter eggs for the first time. I took both kids to the egg hunt up at church, and Piper really had a blast. Maybe she thought it was just like picking up toys, but she got into it and was grabbing them two at a time.

I won four tickets at work to see The Lion King at the Fox tonight, and I’m totally excited to go!  It looks like it will be a spectacular production!

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