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Morel madness


Winter made one last hurrah here in the Marshall household last week, with Colton and I both getting strep and Piper getting an ear infection.  Even though it’s been a rather mild winter, I’m ready for it to move along and for spring to just be here.

Chris dropped me off at a reliable mushroom hunting spot yesterday and took the kids to the creek to play while I hunted.  I found six morels, actually seven, but I lost sight of the seventh when I crossed some fence to get to it.

I attempted to go again today, between the rain showers, but my attempt was pretty short lived. As I was trying to climb out of a ditch where I’ve found mushrooms before on the banks of the ditch, I lost my footing on the muddy hillside, and when my hand hit the ground I impaled a stick into the palm of my hand.  I’d have to give that about an 8 on the pain scale.  I must have struck a nerve since the pain went all the way to the tips of my fingers to my elbow.  I pulled it out immediately, but then had to wait until the pain subsided before I could find another way to climb out of the ditch.  I didn’t have my phone with me since I was just a few hundred feet behind the house and didn’t think I’d need it.

IMG_1746 (1)

I moved my spinach out of the greenhouse today.  With the weather forecast for this week, I was afraid that it would get too hot and wilt in there this week. I did some transplanting on my tomatoes, it looked like a pretty sad effort since it was after I impaled my hand, but I’m hoping they snap out of it in a couple of days.

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