Christmas in a nutshell

When the Christmas tree fell down on the nativity set three days before Christmas , It should have been a clue about how the holiday weekend was going to go. 

Luckily, I’ve learned to roll with the punches through the years. Especially since having kids. 

I briefly considered getting out a chainsaw and cutting a new tree. But that comes with its own mess, so instead I packed up the kids and hauled them into Walmart for a new one. Trees were already half off so I scored a 7-1/2 foot one for $45.

Friday Piper woke up with a high fever, but due to a staffing situation at work, I couldn’t call off. I came home from work to find that Piper had a 102.9 fever. Since I couldn’t get her into the doctor because it was too late, we spent Christmas Eve night at the walk-in clinic.  We all missed Christmas Eve service at church, which is my favorite service of the year. 

Since Piper was sick, only Colton and I made the trip to mom and dads Christmas Day. It was a foggy but not bad drive on the way over, on the way back it was dark and once we got close to Alton, we ran into zero visibility, and had to creep along at 20 miles an hour. 

I was glad to be home and have spent today getting the house back in order, at least somewhat.

Despite all the setbacks, it was great seeing family and the kids had a great Christmas. And when I get the photos downloaded off my camera I’ll post those. 

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